Adopt a Star for Mother's Day

When you adopt a star for a Mother's Day gift, within minutes you will receive an email with instructions to download your certificate and view your star in Google Sky. Since 2008, all proceeds from this nonprofit program support a team of astronomers using NASA space telescopes.

Unlike deceptive “name a star” companies, our service is:

  • Affordable – buy a Mother's Day star for just $10
  • Instant – receive Mom's certificate by email in minutes
  • Online – view Mom's star in Google Sky (example below)
  • Nonprofit – all proceeds support astronomy research

    Best Mom in the Galaxy

We have Mother's Day gifts for any budget: you can adopt a double star ($15), a suspected planetary system ($25), a confirmed planetary system ($50), or a bright star visible without a telescope ($100). You can also search our database to adopt a star with a specific number (commemorate a special date), or to find a star in a specific constellation (we have stars in all the zodiac signs). You can view the stars in Google Sky, allowing you to adopt many stars next to each other for your friends and family.

Our unique adopt a star program is run by a nonprofit organization and was started by a professional astronomer. You can feel confident that your donation will support cutting-edge research on the stars that you adopt. So adopt a star and support our work! Who knows? Maybe an Earth-like planet will be found around your star—how cool would that be?

Click the media sources below to learn about the discoveries we've made, which have been featured in news articles all over the world!

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